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Head Shots

Lane Dorsey, 2019


Hill Peppard, 2015





From “Lost and Found Music Studios”, Mr. T's lost music video from the 90’s. (Season 2, Episode 11. On Netflix.)

Air Canada In-flight Safety Video, featuring Barrett Morrison as my “husband”, possibly making us the first depiction of a gay couple in such a video. It even got the attention of Mayim Bialik, of TV’s “Big Bang Theory”!

My favourite commercial, in full. Thanks, McDonalds!



This song was written for a “popera” group and I was hired to sing the demo. Yes, every voice is mine.

While I did not write the song, I did contribute greatly to the arrangement.


Selected production shots

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The Slotkin Letter

Photos: Scott Cooper


Michael Torontow (Sam), Paul Almeida (Pepper), Jay Hindle (Harry), Michelle Bardach (Sophie), Frankie Cottrell (Father A.), Warren Kimmel (Bill)


“Mamma Mia!”, 2018

The vancouver sun

Photos by david cooper


With Glynis Ranney (Mrs. Lovett)


Michael Torontow, Stephanie Roth (Donna), Jay Hindle, Michelle Bardach (Sophie), Warren Kimmel


“The Light in the piazza”

Michael Torontow, Tracy Michailidis, Louie Rossetti, Kate Ryan, Anwyn musico, David Keeley

Tracy Michailidis (Franca), Michael Torontow (Giuseppe), Gab Desmond (Ensemble), Anwyn Musico (Clara), Louie Rossetti (Fabrizio), Kate Ryan (Signora Naccarelli), Susan Gilmour (Margaret), David Keeley (Signor Naccarelli)

“Statues and Stories.” By appearance: Susan Gilmour, Anwyn Musico, Farren Timoteo (Ensemble), Gab Desmond, Marie Mahabal (Ensemble), David Keeley, Christopher Hunt (Ensemble), Tracy Michailidis, Michael Torontow (Giuseppe)


“Floyd Collins”

Vancouver Presents

The Huffington Post

Above Photo: luca Ragogna

other Photos: David Cooper